TEDxKobe 2017 “Spiralling Inspiration” : OPENING PERFORMANCE / 15:06 [2017]

AKITO SENGOKU feat. Hiroko Nishimoto

仙石 彬人 feat. にしもとひろこ:「時間に絵を描く」をテーマに、ライブパフォーマンス”TIME PAINTING”を行う仙石彬人。3台のOHPを用いて投影される抽象的なヴィジュアルは、カラーインクやオイル、水などの液体を使ってまるで演奏するかのように即興的に作られている。今回は、にしもとひろこがイメージをなぞるように紡いだ音を詠み歌う、声のサウンドアートとの共作を披露する。

SENGOKU Akito is an artist, who creates live-performance with the theme, “TIME PAINTING”. He designs abstract images with various types of liquid, such as colored-ink, oil and water, using three OHP. He makes his extemporaneous images as if playing music. This time, he will take us into his world with a singer NISHIMOTO Hiroko. Being inspired by Akito’s image, she will coax the melody(with the sound-art of voice). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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